High-quality nursing and care

Roman Catholic Hospital (Windhoek, Namibia)

Nursing and care

The hospital is a private hospital that has been managed by the Missionary Benedictines in Tutzing since 1933.

High-quality nursing and care for everybody are of highest priority here.

Satisfied patients in the new hospital ward

2009 saw the extensive renovation of the first hospital wing. The hospital management attached greatest importance on the criteria hygiene and safety, combined with attractive interior furnishing and design of the new patient rooms. The decision went in favour of drapilux bioaktiv decorative fabrics and curtains: permanently flame-resistant and antibacterial, washable and lightfast; the arguments were persuasive. The fresh, modern colours ensured a "feel good ambience" in the rooms so that more and more patients insisted to be accommodated only in the new hospital wing. Thanks to the forward-looking style with the highest attention to all hygiene and safety aspects, the Roman Catholic hospital in Windhoek surely is a leader when it comes to modern hospital culture in Namibia, a fact that is already acknowledged and honoured by satisfied patients.

Facts on the project

Fabrics Technical properties Alle Kliniken
drapilux 183 drapilux air at a glance
drapilux 697 drapilux bioaktiv

Successful implementation

satisfied customers

Successful implementation satisfied customers