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Beatles Hotel in Liverpool

The cushions’ lively colours in blue, red and yellow contrast beautifully with the plain-coloured pinewood drapilux bed throws. The bed throws are permanently non-flammable due to a modification made to the polyester fibres.

Over 600 metres of pinewood drapilux flameproof fabric was used to make the furnishings of the hotel rooms safe.

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Intelligent textiles

Design meets technology

As forward-looking brand drapilux is continuously focused on innovation: Following the huge successes of the fabrics with air-purifying and antimicrobial additional functions, the commercial application specialist has presented a world's first in 2010.

drapilux all in one - the unique combination of the established functions of drapilux air and drapilux bioaktiv in one product. Textiles equipped with drapilux all in one ensure fresh air and ideal room hygiene at the same time.

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Brand & people

Employees at drapilux

The core element of our family enterprise and the guarantee for high quality of our products are our 800 employees. Our fabrics are characterised mainly by plenty of love and manual work.

Every collection has its very own history - always entwined with the people producing it. From the design studio and the yarn dye factory to the weaving mill and quality control - at drapilux all employees work hand in hand.

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Colour trends

drapilux design approach

At the beginning of a collection there is inspiration: city trips, large international fairs and magazines - our textile designers are always tracking the latest trends.

Creative ideas are presented in the development round with members of design, sales and management and then developed further as a team.

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a fabric is created on trends


Design compositions

Dedicated to architecture: reduced colours, clear lines and high-quality materials - The drapilux WhiteBlack collection plays with the attributes of modern buildings.

In clear, pure white focused on the essential, decorative fabrics create a tranquil ambience in hotels, offices and private homes - whether with elegant stripes or futuristic geometric designs, reduced patterns and high contrast.

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Intelligent textiles

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We do not only provide the safety to fulfil special and individual design requirements, we can even guarantee high quality and durability of our decorative fabrics thanks to our high production competence - from the first yarn to the finished product.